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Modern warehouse has become a logistics distribution center to promote the balanced operation of all logistics links. The representative change of warehouse structure is a high-rise shelf system which combines highly automated storage and handling. The shelf can reach 30-40 meters high and has 200-300,000 marks. It can be centralized controlled with computer and automatically accessed.

The structure of shelves is various, and small-scale automatic warehouses, such as revolving shelf warehouses, are further developed. They can be arranged more flexibly, convenient for production, and can be controlled by computer network to achieve a high degree of automation. The form of warehouse also has gravity shelf type, as well as other forms.


Advantages of Our Alloy and Stainless Steel Warehouse :

1) Implement scientific management to prevent shortage.

One of the important objectives of inventory is to supply the necessary materials as needed when needed.

2) Shorten lead time of order.

When manufacturers maintain a certain amount of finished goods inventory, customers can easily purchase the items they need.

3) Effective warehouse management.

Through inventory, the original scattered materials can be arranged in good order, the waste materials can be stacked neatly, and the factory open space can be neat and clean, so as to achieve civilized production.

Distribution of Inventory Structures at Hunan Jetvision :

Hunan Jetvision usual keep a large number of conventional size forging ring, shaft, cylinder, disc, flange all year round. We provide all alloy and stainless steel products for you.

We have two 5000 Square meter indoor warehouse which can prevent 10,000 tons of pipe from getting rusty.

Warehouse is very essential for our company. We ascertain that we procure and import our products from established and well reputed manufacturers and suppliers. Moreover, these products are checked at the manufacturer's premises in the presence of our quality auditors.